Installer ce thème


by Samantha Hahn for She Lets Her Hair Down


Who here is guilty of saying things they don’t mean to someone when they are pissed off?!?!

Or is it what you wanna say but your to scared to say it until your soooo pissed of you don’t care, and it just comes out?!?!

I was just thinking I never feel guilty for things I say. even when I know it’s mean. I don’t like to be like that. it’s just, I think I want to say those things in fact. I don’t know. It’s not that I’m scared, it’s more that I konw those things are mean, and I don’t want to be mean. so I say nothing. until it comes out. And I don’t regret cause I think what I say.

I hope I think what I say. help me to make the Truth comes out of me ..

Foxes ~ Youth.

this is sooooo me just right now ! :DD

The difference between life and art is art is more bearable.
Charles Bukowski (via lavvandede)

Clap you hands ! Clap your hands ! Come on dance, take a chance, come on dance !

by Jane Lafarge Hamill

by Jane Lafarge Hamill